Beehive State

The state of Utah is already known as the beehive state. Many may already know the reason why but for those who are still searching, let us learn why the state had gotten this name. The effect of the beehive is great as it is also part of their emblem. that is because it is also closely related to the people who first settled there and make the place a habitable one. The state is a dessert so it is not easy to live there but the Mormons settled there.


The birth of the state begins when the Mormons have traveled to find a place where they can live and practice their faith freely. They have experienced discrimination in their former place and so they have to find another one. Their founder was killed and so they agreed to leave the place. They have traveled and find the state of Utah and settled there. They have cultivated the land and called their fellow Mormons to come into the place. That was in the year of 1847.


From that time they have undergone hardship in the hard living condition but they had endured and have the perseverance to make the place a good one. It is just like the honeybee who is working hard. They named the state the State of Deseret which means honeybee in their book.

The qualities of the honeybee that was possessed by the people who build the state are stability, self-reliance, perseverance, thrift, and industriousness.