An interesting note into the wives of Joseph Smith

There are many people who have said that it is not easy to live the life of  Christian. That is because there are limitations and rules that should be followed. If you see in the current situation, you have to obey the rules of one city or state so that you will not be punished. When you also live the Christian life then surely there are certain things you have o follow. The reason people say this is they d not understand the way of salvation and the savior.

That is why they can just say that it is hard. For the sins of people, Jesus came into this world and carried it. We just have to keep the commandment He established so that we could be saved. But people have established their own ways and have forgotten the ways of God. That is why they do what they want and say what they want. The results are different doctrines and lawlessness. Here is the practice of one of them.

Even if it was written in the Bible the punishment of adultery but they have made their own teaching to support this act. It is like the mother church who has its dark past but people just have a blind eye and ear about it. That is because they are not really concerned with salvation but the life on this earth. Adding words in the Bible and also removing some would lead people to destruction as already prophesied but they do not heed the warning.