Weird and Wonderful


April 2, 1925

The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers officially incorporate nearly 24 years after holding its first meeting.

April 5, 1841
Joseph Smith takes his first plural wife, Louisa Beaman, officially inaugurating Mormon polygamy.
April 6, 1830
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a.k.a. the Mormons) is founded.
April 7, 1842

Joseph Smith receives the revelation to create The Council of Fifty.

April 9, 1865
The Utah Black Hawk War begins. It is the longest and bloodiest Indian-White conflict in Utah history. Ute chief Black Hawk leads a combined force of Ute, Navajo, and Paiute in a series of stock raids against Mormon settlements through out Utah. He wants to push the tide of white settlers out of the territory. Mormon authorities, afraid that the raids would used as an excuse by the federal government to send more troops, keep the feds in the dark while they wage war on Black Hawk. Brigham Young organizes the Nauvoo Legion to battle the Indians. Though Black Hawk signs a peace treaty with Brigham Young in 1867, the bloody war rages until 1872 when federal troops finally stepped in.
April 11, 1901
The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers is organized under the leadership of Annie M. Taylor Hyde (daughter of John Taylor) in Salt Lake City. Forty-six women, all of pioneer decent, gathered at her home for the first meeting.
April 12, 1858
The U.S. Army, escorting appointed governor Alfred Cummings, arrives in Salt Lake City. U.S. President James Buchanan had declared Utah in rebellion against the United States. He ordered Cummings to replace Brigham Young, backed by U.S. troops if necessary. This led to the Mormon War.   Young voluntarily surrenders the title of governor to Cummings on this date, ending the Mormon War.
April 14, 1832
Brigham Young converts to Mormonism.
April 15, 1866
Robert LeRoy Parker (a.k.a. Butch Cassidy) is born in Beaver, Utah.
April 16, 1815
The birth of Mormon gunman William Adams (Wild Bill) Hickman. A self-proclaimed Danite for Joseph Smith and later Brigham Young, he left the church disillusioned. Hickman authored "Brigham's Destroying Angel" which first brought the Danite legend to the public eye.
April, 21 1897
Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch commit their only major heist in Utah. The gang netted $8,800 (pretty small by Wild Bunch standards) in a payroll holdup of the Pleasant Valley Coal Company in Castle Gate. Cassidy and gang used Robbers Roost near Blandings, as a staging point for robberies. However, he left Utah pretty much alone, directing the bulk of his raids into Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho.
April 26, 1944
Utah gadfly and Jazz team owner Larry H. Miller is born in Salt Lake City.