Weird and Wonderful


June 1, 1801
Brigham Young is born.
June 5, 2002
Elizabeth Smart (14) is abducted from her Federal Heights home by street prophet and Mormon wacko Brian David Mitchell (aka David Emmanuel Isaiah). He wants to make her   his second wife. His real wife, Wanda Barzee is Mitchell's willing accomplice in the abduction. For the next seven months, despite a massive statewide search for Elizabeth, he openly carts her around in public disguised in a berka.
June 9, 1878

Porter Rockwell dies of natural causes at 65 years of age. He was awaiting trial for the murder John and William Aiken.

June 10, 1844
William Law's Nauvoo Expositor publishes first issue that exposes polygamist practices of Mormon Church. Joseph Smith, acting as mayor of Nauvoo, has the Expositor presses destroyed.
June 13, 1862

Beginning of the Morrisite War. A SLC posse surrounds the camp of a Mormon splinter group headed by Joseph Morris. Morris was the first to claim the title of "the one mighty and strong" promised by Joseph Smith. Morris was virulently anti-polygamist and opposed Brigham Young. The posse -- headed by Robert T. Burton & Theodore Mekon -- boasted 1000 armed men and several cannons. Ogden residents gathered on the hillside to watch the three-day battle.

June 14, 1842
First polygamous marriage on record performed by Joseph Smith; Brigham Young to Lucy Decker Seeley.
June 15, 1862
The Morrisites surrender. Joseph Morris is shot dead by Robert Burton. Versions differ as to whether it was self-defense or Morris was murdered. The Morrisite War claimed six lives, including four women and two posse members (excluding Morris).
June 18, 1844
Joseph Smith gives his last public speech. He addresses the Nauvoo Legion, declaring martial law in the town.
June 18, 1925
A mob in Price, Utah overpowers police and kidnaps black itinerant miner, Robert Marshall. He was under arrest for the murder of a white deputy sheriff. Marshall was hauled about two miles out of town, where a purported group of 800 townspeople watched while he was lynched. This was last reported lynching of a black man in the west.
June 24, 1844
Joseph Smith surrenders to civil authorities to stand trial for treason and rioting.
June 27, 1844

Joseph & Hiram Smith killed by a mob at the Carthage Jail in Illinois.

June 27, 1988
Four people are gunned down in Houston by The Church of the Lamb of God, founded by Ervil LeBaron. Ervil's sons. Heber, Aaron, and Andrew are the main suspects.
June 28, 1818
The birth of notorious Mormon gunman, Orrin Porter Rockwell.
June 19, 1857
U.S. President James Buchanan declares Utah in rebellion of the U.S. government. He appoints Alfred Cumming as governor of the territory, surplanting Brigham Young. He orders the Army to march on Utah and install Cummings. Thus begins The Mormon War.