Weird and Wonderful


May 1, 1843
Joseph Smith marries Lucy Walker.
May 1, 1990
Two hundred men are killed in a mining accident near Scofield, the worst mining accident in Utah history.
May 6, 1842

An attempt is made on life of Missouri Lt. Governor, Lilburn W. Boggs. Mormon gunman Porter Rockwell is main suspect in the attempted assassination. Joseph Smith is later tried and acquitted for planning the hit.

May 10, 1869
The Golden Spike is driven at Promontory Summit, Utah connecting the Union Pacific Railroad with the Central Pacific Railroad line creating the first transcontinental railroad in the United States. Citizens could now travel from coast to coast in the relative comfort of a railroad car, thus ending era of the rugged pioneer.
May 10, 1977
Polygamist Rulon Allred is shot dead by two women in his Murray clinic. The killers are followers of rival polygamist leader Ervil LeBaron. One of the women, Rena Chynoweth wife of Ervil, is not charged, but later confesses in a tell-all book.
May 15, 1829

Joseph Smith and Oliver Crowdy revive the Aaronic Priesthood.

May 28, 1843
Joseph and Emma Smith are the first couple "sealed" for eternity in a temple ceremony.
May 30, 1845
Nine defendants found not guilty in Carhage, Illinois of Joseph Smith's assassination. The main defendant, Levi Wilham will go on to lead many anti-Mormon raids .