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October 1860

Joseph Morris and his followers settle at Kingston Fort in South Weber, a valley just south of Ogden.

Oct. 2, 2002 Kenneth Holloway is arrested for sending bogus ransom demands via e-mail to the Smart family for the return of Elizabeth Smart. Using the screen name “elizabethsmartkidnapper,” Halloway is caught when the FBI traces his e-mail address to his South Carolina home. He had sent several electronic mails to both police and the Smart family. He is charged with interstate extortion and sending threatening communications across state lines.
Oct. 6, 1890 The General Conference of Mormon Church approves church president Wilford Woodruff’s anti-polygamy statement. Polygamy becomes officially taboo to Mormons.
Oct. 7, 1857 Fort Bridger is burned to the ground by William Hickman and his brother to prevent the troops of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston from wintering there during the Mormon Wars.
Oct. 15, 1891 The first refined sugar from sugar beets is produced at the Utah Sugar Company refinery in Lehi. This gave birth to Utah’s sugar beet industry.
Oct 15, 1970 The Utah Stars of the ABA plays its opening game against the Denver Rockets becoming Utah’s first professional basketball franchise. Unlike the Jazz, the Stars would win a national basketball championship in May of 1971.
Oct. 15, 1985 Mark Hoffman bombs the Crane Building killing Steve Christiansen and a private home killing Kathleen Sheets.
Oct. 16, 1875

Brigham Young issues deed of trust to establish the Brigham Young Academy later B.Y.U.

Oct 16, 1985

Bomb accidentally goes off in Mark Hoffman’s car while he is driving on Main Street, leading to his capture.

Oct. 18, 1953

Birthday of David Brian Mitchell aka Emmanuel David Isaiah, kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart.

Oct. 18, 1974 Moses Malone makes debut for the Utah Stars
Oct. 23, 1903 Brigham Young Academy officially becomes Brigham Young University.
Oct. 25, 1869 William S. Godbe and other leaders of the Godbeite movement excommunicated foe anti-Brigham Young remarks published in Utah Magazine.
Oct. 26, 1776 Father Dominguez and Escalante approach the Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry trying to find a ford for the massive river.
Oct. 26, 1862 Fort Douglas is established on the east bench of Salt Lake City, marking a permanent U.S. Army presence in Utah.
Oct. 26, 1991 Fort Douglas is deactivated and most of its lands turned over to the University of Utah.
Oct. 27, 1840 Joseph Smith marries his first polygamous wife, Zina Huntington.
Oct. 30, 1838 The Haun’s Mill Massacre. Three companies of the Missouri Militia (about 240 strong) lead by Col. Thomas Jennings surround the Mormon settlement of Haun’s Mill. They open fire, killing 18 saints. The massacre prompted Joseph Smith to move his flock to Nauvoo, Illinois to escape persecution by the unsympathetic Missourians.
Oct. 30, 1896 Martha Hughes Cannon of Utah becomes first female U. S. senator. She was the fourth wife in a polygamous family.