Updated: April 1, 2005
What's New

April 1, 2005

Kay's Cross, a history of Kaysville's most embarrassing landmark.

A Fistful of Kingston Dollars, all those bucks, all those wives.

A Brief History of Kingston: part two, the Kingstons become the darlings of the media.

March 1, 2005

The Morrisite War: part one, detailing the rise of mad prophet Joseph Morris.

The Morrisite War: part two, for those that don't want to wade through the zany background of Morris before gettin' to all that shooting.

Mormon Masturbation Tract, in the rant section, the infamous pamphlet distributed by the church to keep the young elders hands away from troubling places.


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Utah Gothic

On Schedule for A Change

Well, here it is, one month after my last update and I am adding some new stuff. The new design seems to be working. Hooray!

My blog is coming along. I have been adding to it every week. There seems to be no dearth of strange stuff to write about here in ole Zion. A friend suggested I expand the blog to include subjects beyond Utah's borders. I am mulling that idea over. After all, I can rant about a vast array of stuff, just because I am such an amusing fuck.

New stories in Utah Gothic include a piece on Kay's Cross, a bizarre stone and mortar landmark in Kaysville. No one knows where it came from. Folks don't want to talk about it. Somebody blew it up. I couldn't resist.

The final installments on my Kingston overview have been added: the second part of the history of the nutty clan, and a look at the riches filling Kingston coffers.

I hope you enjoy. And, as always, be proud; you live in the weirdest state in the union!