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Utah Carnival

Ken Sanders Books

Probably the best source for books about Utah. This is not the Deseret Book Store. Ken Sanders is very knowledgeable and specializes in rare books, obscure Utah history and Mormon arcana.

Trent Harris

Trent Harris is the Utah bon vivant behind "Rubin and Ed," "Plan Ten From Outer Space," and "Mondo Utah." He is the premiere proponent of all that is strange in Utah. You can order his videos and books from this site. And, no, that isn't his real web address. He has some site address that is all numbers and dashes. Just click on it and it will take you to his site. Honest.

Utah History To Go

This is probably the most informative site for Utah history on the web. The site is split into several categories and sponsored by the Utah Historical Society. It has many obscure Utah facts and articles by good writers such as the late Harold Schindler.
Hildale, Utah
Looking for a hot vacation spot? Consider Hildale. Home of the fundamentalist LDS (FLDS) Church. See fun polygamist cultists and their teenage wives. It's just like Amish country, only they have guns. The friendly folks in Hildale just love to see outsiders. Make sure and tell them Warren Jeffs sent you.
Brigham's Destroying Angel
Bill Hickman's notorious autobiography published in 1872 by J. H. Beadle. An early example of anti-Mormon writing, the publishers claimed it to be the true story of a Danite. Though Hickman, friend to Porter Rockwell, did act as a strong arm for the Church on occasion, Beadle "edited" the biography to fit his anti-Mormon agenda. The entire book is available on line at at a website created by Hickman's descendants.
Bob Moss
It is amazing this site exists. Bob Moss told me he knows nothing about it even though he obviously wrote the contents. Bob is a believer in the old technology and, to my knowledge, doesn't own a computer. All of his voluminous correspondence are hand written. The site is old, made around the time of Tragic Tales of the West. Its creator unknown. Another Utah mystery.
Rants, Raves, Music, Art & Such
Rants and raves from those masters of sensitivity, El Ray and Chupa. Whether they advocate bombing England or just insult those who email their site, this duo puts the crack in crackpot opinions. The site also features a cool Brian Mitchell picture on its home page.
Soundco Records
This is a great local record company headed by musician Mike Kirkland. The CDs of cult Utah folk singer Bob Moss are put out by Soundco. Also such local artists as The New Evils, The Boards and others are available.
Joe Bob Briggs
Though not being blessed with the advantage of being from Utah, Joe Bob Briggs is a kindred spirit. The renowned drive-in critic and cultural documentarian looks at movies through a warped eye that always entertains (and infuriates a lot of people with letters after their names -- phd, mfa, md, esq, etc). Even better, his web page has expanded to examine current events, always through his own wacky perspective. Also check out the hot babes on the webchicks link.
A Family Proposal
Meet Bill Miller. He is not from Utah, but from our dear neighbor, Colorado. However he has come up with a plan that could have sprung from the crazy heartland of Utah. He wants to start a family. Not just ordinary family, but a very special kind. If you want to find out more, go to his website. You can even participate, providing you are a woman. Unfortunately, Miller has ended his website so this link is no longer valid. Sorry if you missed it. It had to be seen to be believed.
Crispin Hellion Glover
Mr. Glover is not from Utah. Many folks believe he is, but they are wrong. He lives in L.A. However he shot part of his magnum opus What Is It? in Utah. His next film, Everything is Fine, was shot entirely in Utah, written by and starring Utah resident, the late Steve Stewart and co-directed by David Brothers, another Utahn.
The Osmond Brothers
The site for the other Osmonds, the less famous siblings of Donny and Marie. As far as I can tell, the three brothers, Jay, Merril and Wayne, have an act in that graveyard of has-been performers, Branson Missouri. They do seem to appear in Provo from time to time.
The Donny Zone
If you have a hankering for a more famous Osmond, you can go here. Or even to Donny's official site. Maybe make a trip to Marie's page or purchase a doll from the Marie Osmond Collection. Hell, there is a site dedicated to the whole Osmond clan. That is altogether too much valuable bandwidth wasted on this whitebread Provo brood.