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Life & Times of Brian David Mitchell -- The sources for this story were many. The most informative article was by Salt Lake Tribune reporter Brandon Griggs. Time Magazine also supplied an informative article detailing Mitchell's pre-Elizabeth Smart life. The CNN interview of Mitchell's father, Shirl, by Connie Chung was very helpful.

Ed Parker and Mormon Martial Arts -- The history of Ed Parker and his contribution to American martial arts was compiled from three articles in Black Belt Magazine. The first was by William E. Slove which detailed Parker's early life and the formation of American Kenpo. The last two articles were by Loren Frank and Floyd Burke. These articles examined Parker's influence on karate in America. The Burke article also looked at the effect of Parker's untimely death on Kenpo.

Darl McBride and SCO -- Several sources were used in the writing of this opinion piece. Without doubt, the most helpful was "Linux Code Red" by Shane Johnson for The Salt Lake City Weekly. Johnson's excellent article did a great job of deciphering the complex issues surrounding SCO and their claim to ownership of UNIX code contained in the Linux kernal. SCO's web site (when it is not down from hacker attacks) provided McBride's side of the controversy, including the notorious December open letter. Several Linux-based web sites and computer mags gave the other side. The Usernet is also full of stuff about McBride and his war with the open source community. The conclusions were my own.

Did Utah Kill John Wayne -- First and foremost, "The Day We Bombed Utah" by John G. Fuller provided most of the details about the "Dirty Harry" atomic bomb test and the tribulations of the "Conqueror" cast during and after shooting. This is a great book about downwinders and the AEC's reluctance to deal with them. Sadly, it is out of print. Richard Hack's "Hughes, The Private Diaries" had great info relating to Howard Hughes' battles with the AEC. Also, a Las Vegas Review Journal article by Norm Clarke expanded on the guilt Hughes may have felt for "The Conqueror" deaths.

Special Thanks -- I would like to thank David Brothers for suggesting the John Wayne story. I also owe thanks to Ken Sanders for selling me "The Day We Bombed Utah" at a very reasonable price. Ken has also been good about directing me towards obscure books about Utah history for future articles. Thanks to my oldest pal, Kelly Whitesides, for pointing everyone he knows to my web site. Kelly, I love you and share your grief. Finally, I owe a big thanks to Joe Bob Briggs. His email to me complementing my web site came at a time when my doubts were at a peak. His kind words encouraged me to persevere.