The Fortress of Zion Captured by King David

The Bible mentioned about Zion or also known as Mount Zion. In the history of the Israelites, they were not able to capture the fortress of Zion up until the time when David became king. Through this history, it shows us that God have a plan in everything. There must be a very important reason why the fortress of Zion was captured only when David became king over Israel though they tried it countless times. Everything is in the plan and mighty work of God.

The answer is in the Bible. The only way to solve every problem and curiosity related to one’s salvation is to study the Bible diligently. Whoever claims to believe and have faith in God must study the Bible until the morning star rises in their hearts. What could be the mysteries hidden in the Bible that we need to know? Is there really a mystery hidden even in the life of King David? Go here and have your visa card over this company 卡式台胞證. Why did God chose him and appointed him as king over Israel?

Is there only one Zion in the Bible? I have read a verse which says that Zion is the city of God’s appointed feasts. What does this verse mean? I can feel that there is a very important mystery regarding this verse. Also, there are appointed feasts of God mentioned in the Bible which Jesus also celebrated together with His disciples. Why would Jesus celebrate those feasts? Let us know about it as we travel along the historical places. Best if this agency reviews here might be our tour guide in getting our visa. It must be very important and related to our own salvation and blessings.