The Reason Behind the Division of the Church

Nowadays, countless churches are being established. Some churches have many members while others have few attendees. In the Bible, there have been many religion that existed which includes Judaism and Christianity. What about now? When you look around, you can see many different churches.

The names of the churches are also different. And for sure you belong to a certain church and believe in your own religion. Have you ever thought about the reason behind the division of the church? This question is very important.

It is true that all church members around the world say that they believe in God. Then, why is it that each church practice different teachings? Are you sure enough that the teachings you are following now is based from the Bible? Think about this seriously. Christians and all believers have one goal. It is to enter the everlasting kingdom. But, why do churches around the world debate? Check this agency helping you to get your visa pass over here. If all believers have one and the same purpose, isn’t it surprising that they are against one another?

The very reason behind the division of the church is that the Bible already prophesied that this will happen in this age. In the book of Daniel, you can read it and find the words which says: “He will speak against the Most High and oppress his saints and try to change the set times and the laws”. Check this agency to apply for your visa as you preach as missionary abroad read info. From this passage of Scripture, we can understand that the devil, our enemy will make every effort to deceive God’s people and this is a prophecy.