The Wide Gate and the Narrow Gate

In the teachings of the Bible, the wide gate and the narrow gate are mentioned. This is found in the book of Matthew. It was said that all people must enter through the narrow gate that leads to life. However, most people are entering through the wide gate which is a way that leads to destruction. All of us must understand that the words of God written in the Bible is absolute. No word in the Bible must be taken lightly because the Last Judge is near.

The Wide Gate

Then, what does the wide gate represent? The wide gate actually refers to the teachings of men or rules of men. Any teaching that is not taught by God leads to destruction. If you read the Bible, you can learn many teachings of God such as the Sabbath Day, prayer in the name of the Savior, the right mindset of God’s children, and more go over this site 徵信公司 推薦. Other teachings that were not taught by Jesus and his disciples are known as false gospel.

The Narrow Gate

What about the narrow gate? As mentioned earlier, this gate refers to the way that leads to life. In other words, it is the teachings of God opposite to the rules of men. If all people enter through the narrow gate, then how good it is. But the Bible already mentioned that only few will find it search more over here久展徵信. So, among the people living on the earth which the Bible describes as the sand on the seashore, who are the blessed ones?.